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Hold me and tell me we'll burn like stars [entries|friends|calendar]
Sarah Kay

Perfect in just your strength alone.

Sorrow last through this night
I'll take this piece of You
And hold for all eternity
For just one second I felt whole
As You flew right through me
And we kiss each other one more time
And sing this lie that's halfway mine
The sword is slicing through the question
So I won't be fooled by his angel light
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Yo. [Sunday
July 1st]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

wow. I haven't used this thing in like...6 months. I don't know where to start...

mmkay first order of business:
Sean-We're still together! Our six months is next friday :) I'm so happy.
School-I'm in my third module; I only have 3 more left. I made the presidents list last mod :D
Work-I FINALLY quit Party City. I can't believe I was there for like...two years almost. Ew.
I'm working at Celebree now. It's pretty cool...I was hired as an assistant, but since the regular teacher for the classroom left(she's coming back though; thank god), I'm doing senior staff work. I feel bad for the kids cuz they have no consistency other than me, and I've only been there for a month. That's probably why they're SOOOO bad. Like...i've never seen kids this bad lol. They're only two. But I love them at the same time. My favorite part of the day is probably nap time cuz they take a three hour nap, and I get homework done and i'm able to relax and get de-stressified so i'm not flipping out as much when they wake up. The days definetly go by faster though!!

That's about it...I'm looking for apartments around Frederick with my friend Stephanie..We found a three bedroom townhouse for 1050 a month, and if the guys move in too, it'll only be 300 a month for each of us. We figured if we start really saving up starting in like September, by May or June we should be able to afford it! That would be amazing. My only worry is that I can't see that far ahead; like, sean and I might not be together (although I don't see any reason why not..that boy is wonderful and I love him), or zack and steph might not be together (again, no reason; they've been together for two years, and he's talking about when they're married aww). So yeah other than that, I'm so excited. I can't wait.

<3 Sarah

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Grr. [Saturday
February 24th]
[ mood | wooot ]

I despise winter. It ruins everything.

Kay now that my bitching is over...
The first two weeks of school have FINALLY passed, and things are finally slowing down a little bit. We got put behind because of all of the snow(one reason why i despise winter), so we had to take a test on 4 chapters in both classes, on top of completing the homework that was do for both classes. Yay. BUT, i think i did reasonably well on both tests; more so in medical office management because it's mostly common sense, whereas in anatomy and pysiology, you actually have to know the terms and what one word means for a certain body part(ie: vertebral column=spine), as well as where everything on your body is located(ie:axillary=armpit lol). SOOO yeah. I was finally able to actually breath this weekend because i didn't have work yesterday, today, or tomorrow. At the same time...i might not get to see sean until NEXT friday because we're expecting an ice storm...and that's killing me. Like i know we're going to be okay and everything, but it's still hard going from seeing each other literally every day to seeing each other maybe every weekend. so if that's the case...i only got to see him friday...blahhh. but he's selling his car soon to get a truck, so he can brave the cold and ice more now lol. his poor car...it's so old and so beaten up(it's a '72 Chevy Chevelle)so like when we go out somewhere, we have to let it heat up for 20 minutes before we can actually leave...lmao it's so funny. But i like it; it's cool driving around with a cute guy in an old car from the seventies...especially when a song from then comes on when we're driving down a backroad...lol it's so cute. Well hopefully it won't get too bad out because im going over to mj's house with jess, heather, and katherine for a "party city girls slumberparty"! LMAO it's so lame sounding but so cute at the same time. I made some killer brownies for the occasion :) but yeah....i guess everything's going pretty okay lately. i mostly just really want to see sean lol. We shall see how everything goes. I'm TRYING to remain postive...despite my emo-tastic post :D

♥ Sarah

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update! [Tuesday
February 6th]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so things have been going well lately! Today was my monthiversary with sean :) but i didn't get to see him cuz he had to work late and i had an interview with this couple in my development who have been looking for someone to watch their two kids...so if i get the job it'll be like summer all over again! minus the warm. But yeah i got sean this balloon bouquet and a card and im going to give it to him tomorrow, and then thursday we're going to my school for orientation cuz i start on monday!!! I'm sooo excited but nervous at the same time...like i have no idea what to expect from it, and the fact that i have to take anatomy and physiology(i can't even spell it..)kind of scares me cuz im not sure if im smart enough for it...but seans mom, brie's mom, and chastity's mom were all nurses and took a lot of the courses i'll be taking, so that's good. And erica also studied nursing, so maybe she can help too. Well that's about all i can think of for now!
♥ Sarah

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Lalalaaaaa! [Sunday
January 14th]
[ mood | chipper ]

Sooo yesterday was Heather's wedding! It was so nice. Like there's wasn't a lot of people there, just their close friends and family. So yeah I brought Sean and Jess brought Austin..who i don't like so much because he's not so nice to her, but at the same time they're soooo in love...like idk it's weird. But sean and i agree that he's iffy. But whatever I'm not dating Austin..I'm dating Sean :-) He asked me to be his girlfriend last week lol it was soooo cute!! so yeah I'm really happy right now. Oooh and I also got accepted into Hagerstown Businiess College to study Medical Assisting!!!!! :D I start February 12 and i'll be done March 8th in 2008. I can NOT wait. things are going very well right now...jinx...lol.

Here's a picture of us before we left for the wedding!Collapse )

Kayyy bye
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I'm back!! [Monday
January 1st]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well Mississippi was..interesting. I got to meet daddy's fiance and i love her!! She's very cool and laid back and i didn't get that pyscho-step mom-vibe from her. I don't like her daughter though...oh well. Amanda and I got a lot closer, so that's good. Not much happened while i was down there...ooh i DID learn some new rap songs lol and i picked up a lot of slang...i'm probably late on half of the shit i learned but oh well. I had fun, but im glad to be home. I missed my family and my friends, and my car and room lol. Annddd now I'm getting ready to go meet up sean, zac, and stephanie and we're all going to target then best buy and then zac's house to watch a movie. Sooo yeah it should be fun! Kay well hope everyone had a good new years!! :D


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drake freaking bell [Sunday
December 24th]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Is it bad that I have a HUGE crush on drake bell?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
He's just so.freaking.hott.and.talented.

BUTTTT i have an even bigger crush on sean :)
We went out again last night after i got off work,
and we saw Aragon...or however it's spelled.
It was....really really awful.
We kept cracking up because it's so stupid.
Buuutt i was with him so i was happy.
It was so cute cuz i was really cold,
and he was like do you want me to hold you?
and i was like kay!
but then my neck started to hurt,
so we just held hands....
and no kiss BUT im glad because we're taking it slow
and that's really good.
sooo yeah i can't wait to see him and brie and chastity and my family
after i get back from Mississippi!!!

Merry Christmas(eve) everybody!
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Mmm [Saturday
December 23rd]
Sooo things have been going really well lately....
My job is going well, sarah and i have been getting closer, and we have a new guy matt working with us who is hilarious!! he's 25, and really hott lol but like he's only been working with us for two weeks and already we're all so comftorable with each other and i think i just spelled comftorable wrong lol. but anywho yeah work is definetly not boring. annndd i've been hanging out with my friend stephanie lately and through her i met this guy named sean...and he's sooo sweet. i really like him, and we hung out last night and just talked almost two hours over chai tea lattes at starbucks lol, and tonight after work we're hanging out because i leave for mississippi on tuesday for a few days, sooo yeah. :D i'm soo happy lol. i guess that's basically it right now

+ And Cassie pulled the trigger

The big 18... [Wednesday
December 6th]
[ mood | jubilant ]


Why? Let me count the ways:

1: Got an iPod.
2: Got some cookies at work.
3: Was wished "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" like a million times from so many people.
5: Met a really cute guy and we're hanging out next monday :)
6: Went out to TGIF and Timebomb Tattoo with Chastity, Brie, Jess, and Katherine. I have the coolest friends.
7: Got like $200.
8: I felt special :)
9: Jason is coming to see me tomorrow
10: I can count to ten!
11: It's not only a birthday, it's a birthweek. I still have plans up until like this sunday lol.
12: Brie came to party city with kristy and andy so they could VANDALIZE my car while i was working and got me a cake and balloons and a cute purse and other cool stuff and i felt loved :D
13: my car is pimped out.
14: Christmas is in 19 days. And i still have to buy a lot of presents.
15: Chastity took pictures that whole day and is going to make me a scrapbook. Awww.

Soo yeah yesterday was amazingly awesome..actually all of last week up until today has been awesome b/c i was staying with chastity the whole week and we grew so much closer and i love her to death. Kay well i'll post pictures when i get a chance!!

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Lack of updating [Wednesday
November 8th]
[ mood | hyper ]

Soooo 27 days until my 18th birthday :)
I'm soooo freaking excited!!!

Oohh and then after christmas i'm going to mississippi to visit amanda and daddy for a few days! :)

Okay on to less important things (god damn i'm conceded lol)-

work: Going well..the days seem longer and the work isn't very glamorous, but you have to start somewhere. Besides, I like that I can say I work at a bank. It makes me sound sophisticated :) As for party city, it's the same old thing; everybody is a flirt. Including yours truly. In fact, i have this feeling that everyone thinks i'm this slut or something..but i'm really not...i just flirt. Extensively. Mmm...but yeah the halloween madness is over thank god, and we're setting up for christmas (47 more days yay!).

social life: ..or lack-there-of...haha jk. Actually there really isn't a lot to say. I hang out with my friends on the weekend..meeting new people, and re-learning that one guy inparticular should be ashamed to have a penis because he is hardly a man. ANYWAYS yeah hanging out with Brie on friday, and then saturday i'm working then going to chastity's...and then sunday i'm going to Heather's bridal shower with Katherine, Stephanie, and Jess Repp. aww i can't wait to get married :)

random stuff: I was bored so I took pictures here they are under this really cool livejournal cutCollapse )

one more random thing....
I had a dream the other night about trent coming back to party city to work for his winter break. It was soo real..like even in the dream i was like ehmagod he's back i have to write about this in my livejournal!!! lmao i'm a dork but yeah...like in the dream erin was the manager again and she was in the office with me just chillen like we used to, and then heather called and told erin to tell me that trent was back...well i was like ew why?? and then he just strolled back like he was the coolest fucking guy alive and gave us one of those chin jerk things...and he said hi to me and i just walked out. well then i was walking around talking to a few people and this lady comes up and was like i need a costume, so i was like hey trent...go help her. and i kept making him do all this stupid stuff and i enjoyed it. at one point henri walked up behind me and put his arms around me, and (this is the worst part of my dream) I thought it was trent and i got so happy...wtf is wrong with me? well then i turned around and saw it was henri and i got really annoyed..like even though it was a dream i just woke up feeling annoyed...well that was it. I don't know what the trent part means..but i know what the henri part means lol. Guys are weird; my dreams are weirder.

K well that's it for today..more in like two weeks lmao.
♥ Sarah

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ever since i can remember, ive been poppin my collar [Thursday
October 12th]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So I've been thinking about getting a tattoo for about two years now...I know compared to others who have thought about it for like ten years, it's not much..but I feel really strongly about the one I'm getting, and unlike some people's tattoos, mine has meaning behind it. But I'm still going to think hard about it, and once I've made a decision, I'll post what it's going to be and why...but I'm pretty sure I'm going to get it done. But one thing I'm DEFINETLY getting done like the day I turn 18 is getting my belly button peirced :)
I'M SO NERVOUS! Like I'm more scared of getting that done than my tattoo..lmao. i know im a geek. But yeahh...I can't wait for december..so much stuff to look forward to! and I really can't wait for tomorrow!! mmmmm i love fall ♥

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I can see the venom in your eyes [Wednesday
August 30th]
[ mood | pete wentzzzzz ]

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June 23rd]
[ mood | hyper ]

So its been a while...things have been going MUCH better since...graduation. Chris and I are able to talk more, and I feel like i can go to him about anything, so that's cool. and mom and i are also doing well, so that makes me happy. :) I started babysitting sarah and samantha on monday, and things with them have been going great. they both had camps to go to this week, so that was a little crazy, but there was about a period where i got three hours a day to just relax, so that was cute. the only problem is that samantha, the youngest one, has an arguing problem...she wants everything done HER way, and she doesn't really listen to me..haha, that reminds me of...ME! lol. but other than that, they're really great girls, and i know we're going to have fun this summer. Next week, I'm going to take them to Hood College to sign them up at the pool, and then we'll probably go iceskating sometime as well. Who knows?? Hmm..letsseee..i still work at petsmart, but only on weekends..so that's cool. Fridays are my only day off, so i intend to use them to the fullest lol. Oh yeah! So jason's having this party tonight, and i wanted to go but it starts at ten and there's no way I'd be able to leave that late..so i decided to stop by and say hi around 6ish because i figured no one would be there yet..wellll i was wrong lol. I didnt even get to his house and i saw like 10 cars already parked there. so i just turned around and went back home cuz i would have felt like...idk. But then i called him and i told him about it and he just laughed and said i should have come in..and then he said he wasn't working tuesday so we might hang out after i get off work around 6. so that's cute too..and then today brie and went to get our nails done and went to the olive garden for lunch, and yesterday i found this borders gift card that still had 25 dollars on it so i bought the new yellowcard cd! yayyyy. annnnnd last but not least, trent's 21st birthday is on sunday so he's going to come and see me at work so i can give him his present! i havent seen him in a long time :( but im glad he's coming so its all good :D sooo all is good for now. Well i think that's about it...i hope everything stays as good as it's been!
*edit*ASKING TRENT TO COME TO WORK WAS A HUGE MISTAKE. he's sooo.....ugghhhhhhh i hate him.

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Kay you're cool. [Friday
April 21st]
[ mood | aww youre cool now! tehehe ]

Sooooo....this has been a weird week..
i was sick on wednesday, still a little iffy right now actually..and..ugh other stuff happened but i cant really remember all of it.
Hanging out with my girl Hollister tomorrow after work!
I'm so happy we're friends again, because i definetly did miss hanging out with her. the two of us got so much closer after spring break, and im glad because she's awesome. I think I got closer to like...everyone over spring break. And trent and i hung out and that was awesome! Aww he came to see me after work on sunday and that made my day :) And thennn....holly and i hung out with chance and travis on sunday and then on monday holly chance and i went to the mall and holly bought me like all of this stuff and i felt sooo bad and i kept telling her NOT to buy it for me but she DID!! like...i really hope she knows that she doesn't need to buy my friendship...but yeah she streaked my hair with blonde and its sooo cute! and we're hanging out again tomorrow after work.

people are REALLY gay sometimes :)

Spring BreakCollapse )

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Prom dress! [Saturday
March 25th]
[ mood | giddy ]

So i got my prom dress, and it's B-E-A-utiful!!
wanna see?Collapse )

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Bubble Pop Electric♥ [Friday
December 16th]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Friends. Only.
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